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Filtering with Ceramic
Oct 28, 2011

There is often a misconception among city dwellers that the installation of a household water filter is unnecessary.  Surely our water is safe for consumption? This may be relatively true for urban cities such as Singapore.

However, chemicals including chloride & sulphate are still present in our drinking water.  According to PUB, water from Choa Chu Kang and Bedok Waterworks has an average of 35 to 100 mg/L of Chloride and 30 to 60 mg/L of Sulphate.

Chlorine is a sanitizer required for water treatment, but may present a strong odour, cause skin allergies or dry our hair.  These potential side effects can be eliminated by using a ceramic household water filtration system such as those from Swiss made Swisspro.

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“What is so unique about ceramic filters?” you may ask.  Mother Nature often has raw materials that we could use for everyday needs without breaking our banks, and ceramic is one such example.

With a modest appearance, it has been used for storage of water and building of water pipes since ancient civilization in Greece. Swisspro adopts this age-old wisdom to formulate a ceramic filtration technology adaptable to modern day consumer lifestyle.

Ceramic filters found in all Swisspro systems are made from 2 types of diatomaceous earth, different China clays and silver.  Silver releases small quantities of positively charged ions to destroy microorganisms, inhibit enzyme growth, kill bacteria and prevent recontamination.

While colour of ceramic might vary slightly, performance is never compromised. No chemicals are added to this all-natural composition.

Cysts compounds, which measure approximately 2 to 6 micron, are particularly resistant to chlorine, freezing, heating, abrasion and ultraviolet light.  Swisspro’s unique 0.2 micron silver incorporated ceramic filter is therefore the perfect health partner to trap suspended matter, cysts and harmful bacteria as small as 0.2 micron from your drinking water.

Good for daily family uses, Swisspro highly recommends Swisspro SMART and Swisspro TOP, a premium range of filters that use a 3-step technology to purify household tap water effectively.

CleanSwiss is the preliminary filter in Swisspro SMART and Swisspro TOP systems.  It acts as the first line of defence by filtering out suspended solids like rust and sand particles before water passes through the second filter called CarboSwiss.  This is where chlorine, odours and chemical traces will be removed.  Before you gain access to the water, it goes through the final filter called CeraSwiss, a ceramic filtration technology which removes more than 99.99% of microorganisms and health threatening bacteria invisible to the naked eye.  Swisspro uses silver coated quartzstones and silver incorporated ceramic which can kill away any airborne bacteria in the tap especially when the tap is unused for a period of time.

With such a comprehensive purifying system, you can be sure that you are enhancing your drinking experience with safe, clean and pure tasting water. What’s more, ceramic is a natural, reusable and cleanable material.  You would be glad to know that you are contributing to the earth’s well-being by using a durable and biodegradable product.

Everyone deserves healthy, natural and fresh tasting water to drink. Ceramics is a good filter by nature and provides cooling effect to the water while maintaining its natural taste.  Investing in a chemical-free ceramic water filtration system today might be one of the best gifts you could give to yourself and your families to bring you a long way.

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