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Water is essential for maintaining good health. Keeping our bodies hydrated reduce risk from increased toxicity in the body, constipation and even organ failure.  It is recommended that our kidneys excrete at least 300ml of waste daily, and that we consume enough fluids to dissolve uric acid & urea and aid expulsion.

As we age, our kidney functions start to diminish to some extent, and quite often we lose more fluids from more frequent trips to the toilet; since our bladders don’t hold as well as before.  This increases the need for our elderly to re-hydrate more often to maintain an optimal level of water in the body, so as to prevent pro-longed de-hydration risks and eventually hefty medical bills.

Encourage your loved ones to hydrate often and ensure they have immediate access to clean safe drinking water at all times.

SWISSPRO provides safe water free of preservatives such as chlorine, and comes available right off the tap with our under-sink solutions and hot & cold with our dispenser solutions. No more waiting for the water to boil/cool before drinking.

Call us @ 6276 1005 or email to to take advantage of our exclusive Swisspro Pioneer Generation Promotion.

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