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cook with filtered water

In today’s digital age, more informed people are aware of the value of food nutrition, and have turned to home prepared meals with select choice of healthy ingredients. Easily available online healthy recipes have also made it easy for budding home cooks to prepare healthy meals for their families.

However, not many pay emphasis to a crucial component in most prepared meals: WATER.

Water is used not only as a main component in stews and soups, but also in the preparation and cleaning of vegetables and other produce. Produce like fruits and vegetables are very absorbent and have the tendency to soak up chemicals such as chlorine during washing via tap water.

Tap water contains preservatives like chlorine to maintain its integrity on its way to your home. Such preservatives alter the natural taste of food and possibly negate the nutritional value of your food due to possible exposure of chlorine by-products.

Therefore we recommend using SWISSPRO filtered water for use with cooking and food preparation/cleaning. Produce such as fruits and vegetables can be cleaned in our filtered water with no fear of chlorine contamination, along with natural sanitizing alternatives such as salt, white vinegar and even diluted lemon juice (for berries!).

Our Residential solutions for the kitchen sink make it simple for you to start enjoying the protection of safe, sustainable filtered water, and a healthier, better tasting home cooked meals for your family.

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