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Swisspro is ambitious in going extra mile for customers who look for premium quality and sustainable solutions. Although today's water treatment technologies are widespread, well known and can be easily copied, Swisspro sought to focus on quality, not quantity. That is why the brand is trusted by countless private households and companies, which for well over 10 years belong to Swisspro's loyal customers.

  • Based on 15 years proven service in Singapore
  • Over 86 years manufacturing experience in Switzerland since 1928
  • Preferred choice for its natural tasting drinking water at home, schools, hospitals and offices
  • Every single filter is tested and meets the industry’s most stringent standards
  • Swiss-made 3-stage filtration technology



The Swisspro head office established in Singapore operates an extended distribution network servicing Asia Pacific. The Swisspro filtration technology is used by global organizations such as the UN and the International Red Cross and is approved by Singapore Safety Board.