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Posted on 10 Jul, 2017

Why Carbon Filtration Carbon is a natural adsorption media used to remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine and its carcinogenic by-products. It also helps to improve the taste and smell of water.   Not All Are Made Equal There are two predominant types of carbon filters used in the filtration industry: Solid-block Activated carbon and […]

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Posted on 09 Jun, 2017

We have talked about alkaline water and received positive response from customers. Now, some of the mother-to-be is wondering, what if my baby needs alkaline water? I don’t drink it but perhaps it will do some good to my baby? Our answer to all mother is: No, your babies don’t need alkaline water. Out in […]

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sir ray
Posted on 22 May, 2017

“Millions of Babies Die Each Year Because They Don’t Have Access to Neonatal Care”   Invented by Sir Ray Avery from Australia, the revolutionary baby incubators -LifePods provide expert 24/7 hospital care for premature or sick babies. Set to reduce the number of constant repairs and maintenance, the machine runs for 10 years by purifying […]

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